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Pasticceria Marchesi

Milan is for sure Italy’s busiest city. It is a metropolis where creativity is big business, looking good is a must, and food is an art form.

There are so many bars, restaurants and cool cafés to choose from, but during our last visit in Milan, we had to try the famous and historic Marchesi patisserie shop. It is considered a point of reference for the quality of its fresh pastries. Since those early days, Pasticceria Marchesi has maintained an authentic atmosphere, preserving its original early-20th-century furnishings, coffered ceilings, ancient mirrors and art deco lighting. The 18th century facade and window displays will take you in a wonderland of temptations, where chocolate boxes decorated with brightly coloured ribbons and giant beautiful cakes catch your eye inevitably.

Marchesi window display

We reccommend visiting Marchesi in the morning and have a delicious sweet breakfast to start the day. Our favorite thing to order is the cornetto al pistacchio, and of course the brioche al cioccolato (yummy).



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